Experience White Memorial Camp!

Thank You, Thank You! #WHPH18

A very special thank you to everyone who arrived full of energy, ideas, and passion. The hard work truly paid off and we got camp closer to being ready for the fast approaching summer season.  We simply could not do this without the continued support from our volunteers and camp family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Plus, we had a great time! 

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS! Your support helped to make Work Hard, Play Hard 2018 a huge success. Thank you Ray’s Apple Market, The Tire Shop, Bachura Family Automotive, TCT, Pizza Hut, Saddle Rock Café, and Dairy Queen for your contributions. 

Saturday’s work crew included Ron Graham, Susan Graham, Bill Pooler, Ruth Pooler, Hannah Pooler, Katelyn Pooler, Paul Beck, Penny Selbee, Don Peterson, Dan Force, Jeremy Force, Ray Whittaker, Dovian Whittaker, Josh Whittaker, Justin Whittaker, Marguerite Fredericksen, Abby Philips, Morgan Scott, Vonda Shayne, Rocky Spittles, Frances Alexander, Jeff Keller, Shirley Spittles. Pam Lansing, Gary Rowley, Nancy Rowley, Praesha Emmert, Cecilia Emmert, Emma Fraye, Sarah Steele, Maddie Steele, John Lansing, and Jamie Bratu. 


·   Flagpole was set up.

·   Tetherball base was set in new location.

·   Basketball goal was reset and rim repaired.

·   Volleyball net was hung.

·   Playground and volleyball pit were weeded.

·   Volleyball pit edging was installed.

·   Picnic tables were scraped, sanded, and painted.

·   Fourteen chairs were reupholstered.

·   Disc golf basket were moved to their new location.

·   Flowerbeds were weeded and cleaned.

·   New cross was raised and installed at Vespers.

·   Boat dock was taken apart and pulled onto shore for repair and relocation.

·   Pool bathrooms were scraped,  power washed, acid washed, and are ready to be painted.

·   Swimming pool was power washed, inspected and prepped to be filled for the summer.

·   Volunteers cooked a delicious dinner of pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, and veggie pasta.

This year, we highlighted just a few of the many that have contributed to White Memorial Camp’s mission over the years. We know there are many more out there. We honor everyone who volunteered Saturday, as well as all of the unseen and unsung heroes that help support, donate, pray for, and promote the WMC Experience. 


Harry Kazits: WMC’s first director. Harry raised his family here at camp. His incredible efforts left a lasting positive camp experience. 

Byer Family: Burk was integral to the construction and development of the camp grounds and facilities as we know them today. We hope he and his family know how grateful we are. 

Debby Schwarz, Kathy Seibert, Glenda Bauer, Amy Redmon: These four women have spent years leading our retreats for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Debby, Kathy, and Glenda spent countless hours planning activities, crafts, snacks, themes and even more hours supervising, dancing with and mentoring our guests and our volunteer counselors. We could not have had so many successful years without their support. Amy does the same. She still leads Cottonwood camp and is looking for volunteer counselors this summer. It’s incredibly fun and rewarding!

Thanks to our on site staff. They’re constantly working behind the scenes to provide all of our guests with quality care.

Pam Lansing’s continued efforts, ideas, and creativity around the camp don’t go unnoticed. She takes each guest’s needs to heart and ensures that camp provides them. Plus she knows where everything is!

Shirley Spittles’ compassion, community awareness, and observation skills make her a great consultant when planning events, working with clients, and reaching out to make connections. She is adaptable and looks out for her fellow staff. 

Eddie Vineyard is our very own maintenance MacGyver of WMC. He keeps the place afloat and does so with ingenuity and with the future in mind.

Gary and Nancy Rowley are new to the staff, but already their enthusiasm and hard working attitudes have impacted the grounds and facilities. 

Jamie Bratu is our new marketing lead, responsible for community outreach. She comes with a creative and positive perspective! She’s been connecting with Council Grove and the surrounding community to help spread the word about the WMC Experience.

Tricia Austin is our volunteer accounts manager. She goes above and beyond in her efforts to monitor camp’s financial future. Bargain hunter, registrar, delivery service, and beyond. Her attention to detail is a super power.

Programming Staff: Sean Gorman, Abby Philips, Morgan Scott, Matt Goeckel, and Elizabeth Baldwin are our most recent summer counselors out of countless counselors WMC has encountered. Thank you all for your time, sweat, tears and your amazing over-sized hearts. You are at the front lines of what we do. Thank you for taking it seriously and keeping it fun! 

Volunteer Counselors: Continually fortunate to have an incredible force of folks who come to support our adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Truly a wonderful group of hard working, caring, counselors. The best way to support these counselors who support us and our campers, is to come join them.

White Memorial Camp Management Group, Inc. Board Members: Thank you for your passion, drive, and willingness to support faith-based camping.

To all of you…THANK YOU.