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Covid and Plans for 2021

Policies Updated: June 7, 2021

Announcements for 2021

Greetings WMC Community, 

For the 2021 Season, we plan to run all camp and rental options at limited capacity with adapted safety measures in place. To help answer your questions, we’re providing a Covid Policies 2021 Manual, general Camper Manual, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. (See links below.)

Registrations and scholarship applications will be available online soon. Be sure to take advantage of our early registration discounts. Rest assured that Camper Registration deposits and fees may be refunded if you cannot attend an event as a result of Covid-19. 

We must all keep in mind that things can change quickly. There have been and may continue to be peaks and valleys during this pandemic. We will continue to monitor the situation and work with the local health department to adapt our schedule, operations, and policies as needed based on the best and most applicable guidelines that we have available to us at that time. We aim to be as open and transparent as possible regarding our plans and procedures.

While our camp will look different this season, our goals and traditions are the same. Our campers will have a blast exploring the outdoors, making friends, trying new things, and creating lifelong memories. We’ve missed sunsets at Vespers, campfires, prairie-surfing, ziplining and hearing the sounds of laughter in the prairie, and we want to share those experiences again. 

We understand that “health and safety” may mean different things to different people. As always, everything we do at camp begins and ends with considering the needs of our guests and staff. In order to have the most fun, people must first feel comfortable, secure, and heard. We created our 2021 Covid Camp Procedures with guidance from the Morris County Health Department, American Camping Association, UCC Outdoor Ministries Association, and the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control. Their suggestions provided us with the framework to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at camp, and should Covid find its way into camp, we will be prepared to manage that too. We believe we have found a balance that will allow us to implement the necessary safety precautions, while still providing a quality, fun, and engaging camp experience. 

Whatever you are feeling about camp opening — excited, hesitant, nervous, confused, relieved — that’s okay! Know that we are here for you. We want to hear your thoughts, and we want this to be an ongoing conversation. 

We encourage you to stay up-to-date with any potential changes by following us on Facebook (@ExperienceWMC), checking our website, signing up for our email list, or contacting our office. If you have further questions or comments, contact the camp office or Christian at info@whitememorialcamp.com.

On behalf of all of us here at White Memorial Camp, we wish everyone warmth, health, and positivity!

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

Justin Whittaker

Frequently Asked Questions

WMC will implement guidelines set by the CDC and Morris County Health Department including limitations on gatherings, travel bans, and general safety. WMC will monitor the ongoing situation and update schedules and procedures based on relevant data at that time.
See Camp Covid Policies 2021 for more information.

Will there be capacity limits ? (Group sizes)

Yes. Camps will follow public health guidelines. Overnight Camps will operate at half capacity for the time being. It will be important to sign up early. A good rule of thumb is that you can never sign up too early for camp! Private rentals must follow county guidelines..
1. WMC Hosted Overnight Youth Camps: 50 Campers split into Cabin Groups of about 16 to 30.
2. WMC Hosted Overnight Camps for I/DD: 30 Campers split by cabin Group.
3. User Camps / Partner Overnight Camps: 50 Guests – campers and staff divided by cabin Group
4. Rentals / Private Event Groups: Based on standards set by Morris County Health Department. Group’s exceeding the current gathering limit must file an application with MCH.

How will camp use social distancing?

1. We will remain outside as much as weather will allow.
2. In cabins, campers will sleep head-to-toe in bunks allowing for 6 feet of distance while sleeping. 
3. Meals will be held in shifts by cabin groups. Cabin Groups will distance from other cabin groups and campers will remain 6 feet apart as much as possible.
4. Campers will travel to activities in their Cabin Groups.  Cabin Groups may associate with other cabin groups at assigned times, outdoors, wearing masks, and remaining socially distant. 
5. Staff and campers will not be allowed into any cabins or cabin rooms except their own. Within the rooms, campers may not enter other campers’ spaces such as bed or cubby. 

Will camp require Covid 19 vaccines for staff or campers?

No. Campers suspected of symptoms will be sent home and should take a test at their local health clinic. We will educate staff on the benefits of a vaccine and recommend that staff acquire the vaccine when available. 

Will campers take a Covid test or rapid test upon arrival or during their stay?

Yes – if unvaccinated. If Campers or Staff have received a vaccine, proof must be shown upon arrival otherwise we will continue with the Rapid test. Thanks to a program through KDHE, we will use BinaxNOW (15 minute rapid test kits) for all arriving campers and staff. Tests are non-invasive and fast. Simply swab the inside edge of each nostril. Campers will be tested upon arrival for check-in and at least once more mid-week. Campers showing symptoms may also be tested. Staff staying on-site will follow the same testing schedule as campers while commuter staff will be tested daily upon arrival.

Will there be trained medical staff on site?

Yes. Camp counselors are American Red Cross trained in First Aid, CPR, and AED training. Camp will have an on-site RN, LPN or nurse with equal or higher training. 

Will there be Temperature checks and other screening for staff and campers?

Yes. Campers will have their temperature taken by our staff upon arrival and verified by our nurse. If they have a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, they cannot be permitted to come to camp until the fever is gone and a doctor has signed off that they are clear to go to camp.  Cabin Group Counselors will self-monitor for symptoms and log temperature checks on themselves and campers daily to share with the Nurse. Staff and campers will undergo pre-screening anytime they return. to camp.

Will staff and guests be required to wear masks?

Yes. Though policies have become more lenient. Staff and campers must wear masks at all times except when in their cabin group away from other cabin groups. Also, no masks during. sleeping, eating, showering, swimming or when they’re with their own cabin group outside while socially distant, more than six feet away from other cabin groups when staff says its okay.
*Can’t wear masks? For those with respiratory concerns or intellectual / developmental disabilities that would hinder a camper from wearing a mask, contact WMC and adaptations may be made such as face shields, for example. 
*Access to masks? Camp will provide masks for those that do not have their own or if campers need additional masks or if the mask does not meet requirements. Information on the type of masks being provided will be available in the near future. 
*Packing Tips: We recommend bringing at least two masks if able. Campers will be playing outside and will want spares. Please label the masks with your campers name or initials!
*Mask Type: Cloth masks should have a minimum of 2 layers (this means “gaters” and thin bandanas do not qualify). A good rule of thumb, if you hold the mask up and light passes through, then it does not meet the requirements. Doubling up on single-layered masks may not be as effective as using a two or three layered mask. 

What about hand washing and overall sanitization?  

There will be hand sanitizing stations at each activity as well as outside of each building. Campers and staff must wash hands before and after meals and activities, after using the restroom, and before entering buildings either at a sink, outdoor hand washing station, or outdoor hand sanitizer station. Everyone must shower once per day. Activity equipment will be sanitized after each group between uses. Daily and weekly cleaning and sanitation checklists will be followed for facilities and activity areas. (Read ur full Camp Covid Policies 2021 for more information).

What if my camper is flagged for symptoms or other Covid concerns during Check-In?

We never want to tell someone they cannot attend camp. It’s heartbreaking. However, for the safety of all campers and staff, if a camper is flagged by our staff during the on-site pre-screening process, our Nurse will perform a second screening (including an additional temperature check) to determine the best course of action. Should WMC decide that the camper should head home, the camper will not be able to attend camp without following steps offered by the nurse and receiving a signed doctor’s note of approval. They will have the option to participate in any virtual camp options if available or wait for another session if one is available. (See Discounts and Deposits for more info). 

What if a staffer or camper tests positive for Covid during a session?

1. Staff with suspected symptoms will self monitor and may be recommended by the Nurse to self quarantine prior to returning to work. If living on-site, staff will quarantine in the designated Sunset apartment following quarantine guidelines set by the CDC. If symptoms persist, they will leave camp to be tested. If the test is positive, they will continue quarantine following all recommendations by the Morris County Health Department and CDC. 
2. Campers experiencing symptoms related to Covid will be isolated and supervised by our nurse until they can be picked up and taken home. Staff will perform necessary cleaning and sanitization of the cabin and equipment.
3. Anyone in a cabin group with someone suspected of Covid or a positive Covid case will be monitored for symptoms and the cabin group will avoid spending time with other cabin groups outside. The Nurse may decide to perform daily screenings or temperature checks on those in the cabin to help monitor. 
4. If a staffer or camper tests positive, we will contact families as soon as possible. We will follow contact tracing procedures and families will be notified.  We will not share the name of the person that tested positive.
5. If your camper should test positive for Covid within a week of leaving camp, please contact our Office and let us know. All names will be kept confidential. 

Which activities have been cancelled for this season?

Most activities have been adapted or offered with limitations rather than cancelled. Activities or games involving physical or close contact are obviously the most affected. This includes our Low Ropes Course and many Team Initiatives games.

Virtual Q andA for Campers and Parents

WMC plans to host public Zoom Q and A meetings regarding our 2021 camp season. Anyone is welcome to attend. Stay tuned to our website and social media for dates, times, and links. 

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