Experience White Memorial Camp!

Donate to Camp and Make a Difference.

Your contributions allow us to provide a welcoming, educational experience for families, youth, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a beautiful camp setting. All donations are tax deductible.

Here are some options for giving:

Scholarship Fund

Sponsor a camper and Pay it forward by giving someone a unique camp experience. Thanks to your donations, we can provide scholarships AND continue to offer our tiered payment system allowing those on a strict budget the option of going to camp at cost. Our discounted rates and scholarships are not possible without your generous contributions! Thank you.

Current Camp Costs per individual (for your reference).

*Three-Day Youth Camp: $200 (Rate B offered at $175)
*Week Long Youth Camp : $490
(Rate B offered at $410)
*Week Long Camp for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: $485

Area of Most Need (Operations)

Whether its health and safety supplies, cabin repair, or new volleyballs – every bit helps keep the camp spark alive and allows us to provide quality experiences for all.


Sponsor a Staffer means that your donation will pay for the meals and work expenses of a Volunteer Camp Counselor.

Adopt A Cabin means that your donations will go towards a cabin of your choosing to make repairs, update supplies, and keep that cabin cozy

Make a Donation

You can donate online using the form below, or you can mail your donation. Scroll down to see how.

Or Send a Check by Mail

1. Make the Check out to “White Memorial Camp.
2. Write what the donation is for in the memo.
3. Mail to:
White Memorial Camp

ALMA, KS 66401