Experience White Memorial Camp!

Typical Day at Camp

A Day In the Life of the Campers


Camp schedules are subject to change dependent on the weather, activities and camp theme. Adventure Camps are structured a little differently because there is meal prep involved with community cooking outdoors. Counselors live in cabins with the campers so there is always supervision 24 hours a day.

A Typical Day at WMC:

7:30 – Rise and Shine

8:00 – Breakfast—a full, delicious meal with proteins, carbs and fruit

8:45 – Cabin clean-up and get ready for morning activities

9:15 – Morning Activity Rotations & Skill Building— campers rotate between a couple activities in the morning to learn new skills or advance current skills

12:00 – Lunch – home cooked meals with salad bar choices

1:00 – Rest & Relaxation – draw, read, write, or other quiet activities

2:00 – Swim

3:00 – Camp Store & Free Time (snacks & soft drinks available for purchase)

3:30 – Group Activities, Cabin Group Activities, or Activity Rotations

5:30 – Dinner – kid friendly meals with salad bar choices

6:30 – Varies: Group Activities, Cabin Group Activities, Activity Rotations

8:30 – Vespers Worship & Sunset Appreciation
Note: Vespers, Evening Activities, Cabin Time and Lights out are set an hour or so earlier for campers K-3rd grade campers and adults with ID/DD camps.

9:30 – Campfire, Evening Games, or Group Activity (ex. talent show, dance, alpha wolf, evening swim, campfire)

10:30 – Lights Out