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Special Events

Wisdom Keepers       
18 and Older
April 26 – April 29 

The weekend is a celebration of indigenous ceremony, ingenuity, strength, perseverance, discipline, wisdom, humor, music, dance, storytelling, and games. If you have never met a Native American or if you are Native, this Gathering welcomes you. The Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers Foundation invites you to join a conversation that began in 1979 in Parkville, Missouri. Spiritual leaders from around the world met with tribal Elders to help indigenous people establish their spiritual autonomy and rights and resolve other conflicts with the United States government. After this international summit, Elders from across the country continued to meet near Asheville, North Carolina to celebrate the rich diversity of their cultures. They also discussed social issues like language preservation, sovereignty, and how to dispel stereotypes by teaching others about their cultures and how they have survived. While the main Gathering continued to meet in Asheville, another Wisdom Keepers branch started in Council Grove, Kansas in 2002. Elders and other Presenters have continued the important work of sharing indigenous beliefs and practices for living in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

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