Live the Camp White Experience!

New Website

Wow, it’s done! White Memorial Camp has a new website which includes our own on-line registration abilities. Registering on-line will be much easier than it has been in the past. We hope you’ll let us know how it’s working for you. As always, the credit card processing is very safe to use, and of course, we never share your info with anyone else.

Watch for the content to grow on the website. We’ll keep expanding from here with lots more information about camps, camp rental, and other events you might want to know about. Keep checking back and offer your suggestions for fun things to post.

New Summer Camps in 2015

For Youth and Families.  It’s going to be a fun summer at camp with a couple more themed camps. Have you ever wanted just a little more adventure at camp? Well, this is your summer. We’ve scheduled two sessions of ADVENTURE CAMPS, one for younger youth and one for older youth. We’ll camp out in tents, cook a bunch of meals on an open fire, go exploring in kayaks outside of the cove, take some big hikes to explore our beautiful property, and learn more about living in our outdoor setting.

We are also doing another CREATIVE ARTS CAMP. It’s our second year for this…just because it was so much fun to learn some theater techniques to create a performance, paint big paintings, dance in beautiful colors, try our hand at printmaking, and learn new drawing skills. We are lucky to have professional artists and actors on staff at camp that week to bring us a high level of creative education not always available in schools. We’ll still do all the fun camp stuff, too…like swimming, kayaking, archery and roasting marshmallows over campfires. Don’t miss this amazing week.

In addition to FAMILY CAMP, now campers can bring their grandparents to camp for GRANDPARENT & ME CAMP. Won’t it be fun to have grandparents getting to have quality time with their grandchildren? Held on Labor Day weekend, Grandparents and Me Camp will be a great way to spend the weekend. Camp runs Friday evening through Sunday. You’ll still have Labor Day open.

For Adults with Developmental Disabilities: Last summer’s camps for adults with a wide variety of disabilities were overflowing with happy campers. To accommodate the interest, we’ve added another camp this summer–MEADOWLARK CAMP. When trying to name this camp, we contacted longtime camp volunteer, Glenda Bower to educate us on how DDA camps got their names: Arrowhead, Buffalo, and Cottonwood. She said the names were created because the camps used to be called “A Camp”, “B Camp”, and “C Camp”. They didn’t want anyone to think that “A Camp” was better than “B Camp” or “C Camp”, so they gave them word names. Now, we know that Meadowlark doesn’t start with a D, but we thought it very fitting since the Meadowlark is the state bird. Now, you know more of the history of the DDA camps that were started just a few years after the opening of camp in 1963. It’s a ministry we are truly engaged in and proud of.

Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers Gathering

teepeeWhite Memorial Camp is honored to host the Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers Gathering again this year. Join with Native American elders from different tribes all over the country to share American Indian traditions and insights the weekend of Friday, April 24 – Monday, April 27, 2015. The Elders from many tribes offer this experience because they feel it is important to share indigenous beliefs, wisdom, and practices for how we should live in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

The weekend gathering is open to the public for registration. There is more very interesting information about the event on their website, including costs and how to register: