Experience White Memorial Camp!

To All Campers,

It’s me. Yes, the actual campgrounds! Do you remember what I look like? You can’t miss me. I’m a peninsula in the middle of the prairie! The camp with the big lake and stone cabins. Yep, me! Your old Pal White Memorial Camp. I know, I have a long name. Just call me, WMC, or “Camp” for short. Here’s the thing, I really miss you. Normally I only have to wait one year to see you — but it’s been forever!

Do not worry. I know it’s not your fault. In fact, I had to ask my guests to give me some space until I could be sure I was safe enough for everyone to come back. We have all been doing our part to help each other. Still, I’ve noticed the grass is green, the weather is getting warm, and I’m getting impatient. Where is everyone?

Some of you may be nervous about visiting me because of the pandemic. You might wonder if I’m safe enough, or maybe I’m TOO safe and will not be fun anymore — and I hope you know that I understand those feelings completely. I hope you will ask the staff about me if you have any questions. I just want to “humble-brag” that I have been doing my best to get ready for you. While you have been stuck in Zoom meetings, I have been practicing. Even Camps have homework! I have been researching other camps to see how they operated last year, studied state and national health and safety guidelines. Not to mention all of the help I have received from so many people who also want to be sure you can come back and have fun! You can be sure I have a clean bill of health!

They say we should stay socially distant — that’s no problem! One thing I did NOT do during the pandemic was diet! I still have over 165 acres for us to spread out and explore! Guess that means more time outside playing games! Did you know that my cabins are already set up to allow for socially distant sleeping? And the CDC just decreased the pod-group distance limit to 3 feet. Even better! We still have to wear masks — don’t worry, I will still recognize you! They also say we should keep clean and wash hands. Between you and me, this camp staff has been doing an excellent job of that and will keep the place in tip-top shape for you! They air out all of my buildings regularly, too! 

What else is new with me? Well, it’s been far too quiet. Where is the laughter, howling, whistle blowing, and singing? I need a group of excited, well-behaved, and adventurous campers to come test out the Camp Bell to make sure it still rings! I miss hearing you all share your favorite camp memories around the Bell on the last day of camp.  I can’t wait until there are enough people on site to smoosh down the grass on the hiking trails and light campfires to scatter the bugs.

I’m Bored. There has been nothing good to watch! I’ve watched every camp movie I can think of on Netflix and sung every camp song to myself, but it’s not the same! I miss watching you all hit bullseyes at archery, climb to the top of the rock wall, zipline for the first time, race kayaks to the buoy and back, taking hayrack rides, holding talent shows and carnivals… Please come back and sing camp songs because I cannot get the tune of “Baby Shark” out of my head! 

As soon as you get here, I’m sure I’ll go back to normal because I want you to feel welcome, safe, and cared for. I want to be the kind of camp that opens my doors to anyone who wants to be here! I want to be the kind of Camp you tell your friends at home about. I want to be YOUR camp! But you better get here soon, or else the raccoons will eat all of the marshmallows — See you soon!

Your Friend,