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Why PRXC and Why PRXC at WMC?

Prairie Run Cross Country Camp (PRXC) week is one of my favorite weeks of the year! I love seeing all sorts of kids start out as strangers and end the week as great friends. I get the chance to share the knowledge I’ve gained about running from my career as an athlete and then as a coach. This camp is held in July and helps kickstart summer training for the middle school and high school cross country season. But, PRXC week is also a good reminder of what cross country is all about — making friends, having fun, and running fast. 

Coach Ceja and a group of 2021 PRXC campers

With PRXC, we have the opportunity to incorporate running, education about running, and camp activities. All three in one place. That way, running can be fun, not overwhelming, and shows athletes the balance that should always be present in any athletic endeavor. Our goal is to mesh running education while still doing all the camp activities typical of a camp experience. We have the luxury of having live zoom meetings with professional runners, including olympians, who are eager to share their inspiring stories of competing at the highest levels possible while also sharing the wisdom they’ve gained along the way. In addition, KS college coaches can easily find their way out to WMC to talk about what it would be like to be their college runner. 

We are fortunate to have PRXC at WMC because their staff is engaged in any activity that is thrown their way, including going on a group run with cross country runners of all levels to working high ropes courses or playing competitive capture the flag.

WMC offers a beautiful location right here in KS! Soft surface running can be followed by a jump in the lake or a race to the cafeteria for some much needed food. PRXC is ideal for any kid who is interested in running, no matter where they are in their running journey. The learning and fun never stops during PRXC week at WMC. Happy running!

-Javier Ceja


PRXC Co-Director