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Tell Your Story

With the summer of Covid-19 finally coming to an end and the fall upon us, things at camp are starting to slow down. However, with the unprecedented summer we had, we are missing our campers and staff a bit extra this fall. So, we have been reminiscing on some of our favorite camp stories and we would love to hear yours too!

It’s simple, just think back to anything that makes you smile about your time at White Memorial Camp. It can be a first memory, funniest moment, life lesson, most memorable person, something you want to share with future campers, or even a story that a family member has shared from their time at camp.

Thought of one? Great, now send it to us!

The ways to share your story with us are nearly endless. You can send us a direct message or tag us on social media using @ExperienceWMC. You can email us at info@whitememorialcamp.com or call us at 620-767-5165. Shoot, you can even mail us a letter about your favorite story at 1271 S. 1050 RD, Council Grove, KS 66846.

Your story can be written, shared through video, or told by pictures. None of those work? We would love to set-up a quick interview to hear your story. Whatever the method, we just want to hear about the great moments created through WMC.

We are looking for stories from everyone. Whether you were a camper, volunteer, guest, staff member, parent of a camper or your grandparents went to camp here: we want to hear your story!

Time is irrelevant. Our history as a camp stretches all the way back to 1963, so we would love to hear about the fun moments had at WMC from the very beginning to today.

Fall is here and things at camp have begun to slow down for the time being, but that does not mean the camp spirit dies. As we prepare for next season’s camps, keep the camp spirit alive with us and share your favorite story from WMC!

Checkout our Facebook for more information: https://www.facebook.com/ExperienceWMC/videos/2751679805044880 

Directions to Share Your Story:

  1. Think of a fun story or memory you have from WMC. 
  2. Share it with us by messaging or tagging us on Facebook at @ExperienceWMC, email us your story at info@whitememorialcamp.com, call us at 620-767-5165, or send your favorite story through mail to 1271 S. 1050 rd. Council Grove, KS 66846.
  3. Stories can be shared with us through writing, told through video, or demonstrated through pictures