Experience White Memorial Camp!

A Place For Everyone

What day is it? Is it time for camp?

Despite the warm weather, it’s still January. Which can only mean one thing — IT’S A NEW YEAR, FOLKS!

Take a deep breath — I can almost smell the campfire and bug spray! That deep breath is important (though not recommended while applying bug spray), because in times of transition, big or small, it is necessary to take a pause and evaluate our surroundings.

I’m blessed, because as I take in my surroundings, I see Camp!

As I catch my breath and think of this idea of what a camp should be, the first thing that comes to mind is “inclusive.” Camp has been and will continue to be an oasis for all, allowing people from all walks of life a chance to escape their daily reality for a brief respite and return home renewed. Camp encourages us to be different, meet different people, and try different things. We grow by interacting with people who are different from us. Thanks to camp I have grown as a person and a leader and met the most amazing humans — all very different from each other! The great thing is that we know right away that we had one thing in common, we love camp. The rest is just miniscule details.

Other thoughts come to mind as I admire the prairie.  Camp is meant to be safe. Camp is meant to be healing. Camp is meant to allow for peaceful expression. Camp is also about practicing structure, discipline, respect and coping with the world beyond our stone gates so that you can take this idea of “camp” everywhere you go. Camp is fun and camp is here for you!

Camp will carry on this year. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Camp will look different, but we will not lose sight of our surroundings. Safety and structure have always been the most important fundamentals of running our camp. So even if the tactics have changed, our goals have not. It is through safety and structure that we can let loose and have fun. And we miss having fun! Camp may look different, but it’s still Camp, and it’s still for you.

Our team here loves you, misses you, and wishes you a safe, happy, and positive start to your year and we hope to see you soon!

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